The school area extends from Barr Road in the north to several kilometres south of the Kaukapakapa village. In the west, it borders the Kaipara Harbour and in the east, the Makarau Valley. A free bus service feeds from these areas to our school.


Because 90% of our pupils travel by bus, and as these buses need to meet connecting runs each day, it is most important that parents notify the school if there are to be any changes in the way children normally travel, especially in the afternoons.


We expect our children to behave in a way that is both safe and considerate on the buses. If a child does not meet these standards, we reserve the right to remove the privilege of travelling by bus, although we hope this will not be necessary.


With the growth of bus usage, it has become necessary to enforce the following:


1.    Parents need to inform the class teacher in writing of which days their child will be on the bus permanently.

2.   Any changes to this need to be given to the class teacher in writing on or before the changed day.

3.  Parents wishing to make urgent last minute withdrawal/additions to the bus lists need to contact the school office before 2 pm.  No  phone changes can be actioned after 2 pm. 

4.  Parents/caregivers who are here at school wishing to take students off buses at the end of the day will be asked to wait, until their child’s bus line is called, and then notify the bus teacher.

5.   Students are not able to call home at the end of the day.

6.  Any student who is scheduled to be on a bus service, and has not brought a note to say they are off the bus, will be sent home on the bus. In other words, we do not take a student’s verbal message as a change of bus.

7.   When a student is missing from their bus line, the bus will be sent off, and after all buses have been dispatched, the parent will be notified that their child was not on the bus and if necessary they will have to come to school and collect them.

8.   When a student arrives late at school, they must report to the office before going to their class.

9.   If you need to take your child out of school early, you must inform the office

10. Children can only travel on the bus they are eligible for to their home address.


Behaviour on Buses


I would like to remind you that the following are the rules and procedures that we follow in dealing with those who offend:


Bus Rules


·         Obey the driver

·         Not to get on or off while bus is moving

·         No heads, hands, or rubbish out windows

·         No shouting or yelling

·         Stay seated at all times

·         No eating or drinking on the bus

Bus Behaviour:


Step 1 – Verbal Warning  

Step 2 – Letter to Parents 

Step 3 – One week off bus

Step 4 – Remainder of the term off bus                                                                                          

Step 5 – Permanently off bus.




One of the biggest concerns our bus company has is the number of students who cross the road to meet parents after they have been dropped off by the bus in the afternoons. It is difficult for drivers to see these little ones at times and we request that when you are meeting your child at the bus that you walk across the road and meet them as they disembark and then cross safely with them once the bus has gone.


Afternoon drop off

It is the expectation within the Kaipara Transport Network that when Year 1 - 8 students are dropped off; the driver must see a parent or caregiver before allowing any child off the bus. All Ritchies drivers have been asked to strictly adhere to this procedure for safety reasons. If the driver does not sight a parent or caregiver, students will be returned to school at the completion of the run.