Our school is divided into 3 incredible teams; Junior, Middle and Senior. 

Below is an insight into what is happening within each of our teams. 


Our Class Programmes

Our theme for the year is ‘Identity’.  

For Term 1 we are spending the first few weeks talking about students’ own identity, who they are, what connections they have to the community and what makes them special. Each class will then look at different areas of this, depending on student interest.

During writing, we are focusing on ‘Writing to Persuade’, alongside a variety of other writing processes. We will be writing lots of pieces that try to persuade an audience, look out for your child trying to persuade you they need an alligator for a pet or why they should have chocolate cake for breakfast!

Our maths programmes are based on developing numeracy skills, and also a statistic unit, linking into our identity inquiry.

Brain Food

A reminder that all classes have a 5 minute break at approximately 9:25am when they are allowed to have a piece of fruit or vegetable for a snack. Please ensure that there are suitable items in your child’s lunch box for this break. We ask that large items, such as apples are cut up as time is limited. We will also be continuing with our Milk in School programme. Some classes have milk at brain food time, others have it at morning tea, please check with your class teacher for details.


Each class has specific timetabled slots for swimming. We encourage all students to bring their togs each day their class has swimming. We would like extra support during this time and parent help is welcome, please talk with your class teacher for more details.

Room 1  - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Room 2  - Monday, Wednesday, Friday                           

Room 7  - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Room 8  - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Seesaw – Our Learning Journal

All junior classes will be using iPads this year to support their learning programmes. Students will be using these daily with specific apps for curriculum areas. We will also be starting an online learning journal called Seesaw. Term 1 will be about teachers and students getting to know this tool, with parents invited to view this from Term 2 onwards. We will update you on our progress over the term.

 Timetabled Events

Our Whole School Assembly is held at 1:45pm every second Wednesday, starting in week 2, 13th February. Junior Team Assemblies are held each alternative week on Friday at 12:10pm, starting on the 8th February. We encourage you to come along as this is a time for us to share and celebrate the learning happening in each class. Every class has individual timetabled library times and your class teacher will inform you of this.    


Hats & Sunblock

Hats are a must for Term 1 and 4. Children without hats are required to stay in a specified area during morning tea and lunch. Please check your child’s hat is named to avoid loss. Although sunblock is not compulsory, we do encourage parents to apply it before school so children are protected from our weather conditions.   


In the Junior Team we put an emphasis on our reading therefore this is a homework requirement. We understand that time at home is often limited and other tasks that the class teacher sets are optional. The main focus of this homework is to practise skills already learnt at school. Your class teacher may also include basic numeracy tasks, or spelling words at times.


If you have any issues, concerns, worries or celebrations regarding your child please see the class teacher in the first instance. This can be in person or via a quick email.

If you require further help please see Mrs Mandy Duggan. Our school website will be up and running soon, this will feature a Junior Team page, including some useful links for parents. Our school newsletter will also continue each fortnight, packed full of updates, information and celebrations.

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the time and support you put into the partnership between home and school which makes such a big difference.

Welcome to the Middle Team

The middle team is made up of a diverse range of teachers; with varying interests and hobbies which  leads to a dynamic and successful team. 

We take pride in our collaborative teaching style, our colourful learning environment and the way we build relationships with our students. In the middle team you can expect a creative, quirky, fun, safe environment for the students we care for. 

Our Learning Focus

This year we have a whole school theme of Identity; this term the middle team are focusing on "Who am I?". We will be looking into a variety of ideas which will help us achieve the overall achievement outcomes of knowing who we are, knowing ourselves and our whakapapa; as well as exploring into the idea of Identity. By the end of this term, we hope to have created a visual representation of how we view our own personal identities. 

Homework Inquiry Project for Term 1: Treaty of Waitangi


Useful Homework Links for those who wish to use them! - Reading Comprehension Online - Online Maths Practice - Online Basic Facts Practice - Online Touch Typing Tool

Middle Team Assemblies

We have Middle Team assemblies every second Wednesday at 1.45pm in Room 5.

Please feel free to come along! We look forward to seeing you. 

All of us in the Middle Team have an open door policy! If you have any concerns/ questions or just want to come in and see our environments, please come right in!

Welcome to the Senior Team!


Meet the Team!

Rebecca Williams - Team Leader -

Ben Bradley -

About the Team!

The team is made up of two dynamic teachers whose strengths compliment each other. Children get a inclusive curriculum for all, greater leadership opportunities and a nurturing environ

ment. We have a flexible learning environment where the two classes work closely together. They have multiple sporting opportunities from AIMS through to Norwest competitions and zone days.  

If students have an interest in music they have an opportunity to join the school band. Students go to Kaipara College to attend their technology lessons on Fabric Tech, Food Tech, Digi Tech and Hard Materials. Biannually we go on a week camp to Wellington where students are exposed to multiple learning opportunities e.g. Capital E where students film their own news programme.

Spanish and Te Reo are the languages for 2019 that are currently being taught. French is taught on the alternate years.

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